The Affenpinscher In America

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The Affenpinscher in America



Affenpinschers were first listed in the American Kennel Club stud book in November 1936. At this time an abbreviated translation of the German standard was accepted as the American breed standard. The first entry in the stud book was for Nolli v Anwander. This was a German female imported in whelp by Mrs. Bessie Mally of Cicero,Illinois. The first male that she imported was Osko von der Franziskusklause. From 1936 to 1940, Mrs. Mally had 22 Affenpinschers listed in the stud books. During these years, 27 dogs were registered with the AKC. A few other enthusiasts also had imports or bred with Mrs. Mally s dogs. During this period Thelma D. Wolfe exhibited her dog, named Duke of became a champion. However, October 1940 was the last Affenpinschers entry in the Stud Book for the next nine years. Sadly, there are no records or reasons given for this abrupt end of the breeding of Affenpinschers in America. Likely US involvement with the Allies in World War II and the accompanying hostilities toward all things German led to the Affenpinscher s decline in popularity. No one seems to know what happened to these early dogs, and none is found in the pedigrees of the later dogs in America.

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The renowned dog fancier Mrs. Henrietta Proctor Donnell Reilly, of Larchmount, NY, continued the exhibiting of the breed during these years. Her German import Ger. Ch. Niki v. Zwergteufel won Best of Breed at the Westminster Dog Show for six consecutive years, from 1938-1943. Then a kennel mate of Niki, Ger. Ch. Everl v.d. Franziskusklause, won for the next four years through 1947. No record of Mrs. Reilly s kennel name, Etty Haven, is found in the stud books, so no breeding of her Affenpinschers was done or none of these offspring was registered.

The next American encounter with this breed was in 1949, when an import owned by Mrs. Evelyne Brody, Ch. Bub v. Anwander, became the first Affenpinscher champion according to American Kennel Club(AKC) records. This dog also went on to become the first Affenpinscher to place in the Toy Group. During the next several years Mrs.Brody s kennel name, Cedarlawn, from Nashotah, Wisconsin, dominated the listings in the stud book. Many of the Affenpinschers today can trace their bloodlines back to the Cedarlawn dogs.

Soon Mrs. Walter Kauffmann and her daughters, Helga and Louisa, from Westwood, New Jersey, also imported dogs. Interestingly these later imports came from the same kennels in Germany from which Mrs. Mally had gotten her original dogs. The Kauffmanns, under the Walhof name, became prominent breeders and exhibitors. Helga Kauffmann exhibited extensively and had the top group-placing Affenpinschers for many years. Their champion Walhof Margaretenklause Ivy, a female, was the first Affenpinscher to win the Toy Group, and their Ch. Je-Bil s Yogi Bear was the first male Toy Group winner. Some of these early dogs produced colors other than black. When looking back at the AKC stud books, it seems that two of the Kauffmann imports, when bred together, produced reds. Ch.Kraus v. D. Margaretenklause and Ch.Blanka v.d. Charlottenhohe were the parents of Walhof Little Red Riding Hood. Later the Kauffmanns Ch. Walhof Ivin was the first red champion, and his littermate Ch. Walhof Boutonniere became the first black-and-tan champion. These two dogs were out of Ch. Walhof Margaretenklause Lee and Walhof Margaretenklause Jan.When Boutonniere was bred to Little Red Riding Hood they produced top-winning Ch.Walhof Ivy, a black-and-tan group winner, and Ch.Walhof Blackberry Brandi. With the help of Jerry Zalon they produced many dogs of colors other than black. From these early dogs the color genes can be traced into England and continental Europe today. The Kauffmanns were probably the most instrumental breeders in the development of the Affenpinscher in America. The Walhof prefix is behind nearly all of the dogs in Morth America and England.


The Affenpinscher in America

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Report: quarterback Michael Vick won’t plead guilty to killing dogs

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Atlanta Falcon’s quarterback Michael Vick will enter federal court on Monday, but a newly published report says he will not admit to gambling or killing the dogs. However, Vick is expected to plead guilty to the charge of ‘interstate commerce for the purpose of dogfighting.’

A source told ESPN he did not kill any dogs, but he was present when the dogs were being killed.

Vick faces a maximum of five years in jail. However, a government source told the Associated Press yesterday that prosecutors would most likely recommend a sentence of 12 to 18 months in prison.

Three co-defendants in the case have already pleaded guilty and, if the case goes to trial, will likely testify against Vick.

Vick’s future in the NFL is still uncertain.

Firefighters rescue nearly a dozen animals in Buffalo, New York house fire

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Buffalo, New York — A three alarm fire at a house owned by John and Evelyn Bencinich, two of the initiators of a lawsuit filed against the Elmwood Village Hotel proposal in Buffalo, required firefighters to rescue eight cats and two dogs in Buffalo, New York today.

At about 8:30 (eastern time) firefighters were called to the home on 48 Granger Place to put out a fire that had started in the basement. It quickly spread to the first floor where the main bathroom was destroyed. The fire did not spread to the second floor or attic.

Initial calls said that many animals were inside the house and firefighters quickly worked to rescue all the cats and dogs. At least one cat and one dog had to receive CPR and oxygen, but both are reported to be in stable condition. At least 3 cats are unaccounted for, but after a search of the house, the cats were not believed to have been inside at the time the fire started.

One elderly woman, Anna Bencinich, the mother of Evelyn, was rescued by neighbors who helped her from the burning house.

“There was smoke all over the house. The fire started in the basement and spread to a small portion of the first floor. Two firefighters were injured while fighting the fire and were transported to Erie County Medical Center,” said Division Fire Chief Thomas Ashe who also said that sections of the kitchen wall at the back of the house had to be torn out to stop the fire from spreading through the walls.

One firefighter is being treated for bite injuries to his face that he received while attempting to rescue a dog. The other firefighter was treated for injuries he received to his hand, which was believed to have been caused by glass or a cat scratching him. The names of the injured firefighters are not known. The injuries are said to not be life threatening.

According to witness reports, the home owners had a new water heater installed just last week, but it is not known if the fire was caused by the heater.

“We believe the fire was caused by an electrical (malfunction). An investigation is being conducted,” said Battalion Chief Joe Fahey who also added that they did not believe arson was the cause.

Oil in Alberta spill may be carcinogenic

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The province of Alberta, Canada is considering legal action against Canadian National Railway for failing to warn that a derailment last week contaminated Wabamun Lake with a hazardous chemical.

The 700,000 litres of heavy Bunker C fuel oil that spilled into the lake asphyxiated birds and killed fish.

In addition, one of the ruptured tanker cars sent 70,000 liters of Imperial Pole Treating Oil into the lake. This oil is a yellow mixture of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Naphthalene, a component of this “very toxic material” is suspected of causing skin cancer if touched and lung or other cancers if inhaled.[1] Inhalation is promoted by actions that cause splashing or foaming. The mineral oil is used in connection with pentachlorophenol for preserving wooden utility poles.

Wabamun Lake is a popular summertime recreational area about 65 kilometers (40 miles) west of Edmonton, Alberta.

The 766-megawatt Keephills power generating plant, one of 3 in Wabamun, was shut down because the coal-fired plant uses water from the lake. Edmonton’s health authority ordered people not to swim, boat or rescue animals in the lake and to stop using its water or any water from nearby wells for cooking, drinking, showering or brushing teeth. These warnings came 3 days after many residents, including children, had been wading into the oil slick without protective clothing to save wildlife injured by the spill and others had been routinely depending on the lakewater for home use. Why the alert was not issued sooner remains under investigation and may result in criminal charges. Canadian National Railway had been informed of the nature of the oil when it was loaded by Imperial Oil Ltd., Canada’s largest petroleum company. Imperial Oil is posting informational updates on a special website [2]. In addition The Wabamun Residents Committee has established an information website [3].

Vinyasa Yoga}

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Vinyasa Yoga



There are a number of class types of yoga, including Vinyasa yoga. You will find that this specific type of yoga you will be able to do poses that flow into one another and it is a consistent breathing meditation. The type of breathing-oriented posed yoga is rapid and dynamic. It is another way of saying that you are into Power Yoga.

In reference to poses, Vinyasa can describe the poses performed between repeats of “Downward Facing Dog” in a Sun Salutation: Plank, “Four Limbed Staff”, and “Upward Facing Dog”.

To get into the Plank pose from a downward-facing dog, you will have to bring your torso up until your body is straight and your shoulders are directly handling over your wrists. Its like the push up position. Press down firmly through your forearms and hands, widen your shoulder blades, and press back through the heels, regardless of whether your heels touch the floor or not. You will want to make sure that your neck stays inline with your spine, but once you have mastered it, you can perform the pose with one leg lifted at a time.

From Plank, enter the Four Limbed Staff by bending your arms straight back, hugging your upper arms to your sides. Then you will want to lower yourself to the floor with your forearms and upper arms at a ninety-degree angle, while keeping your body level throughout the pose. Push back on your heels while pressing into your palms. (Beginners can leave their knees on the floor until they build the strength to hold up their bodies.) Then you can try shifting the pose while leaving one leg up from the advanced plank pose, but that is only once you’ve mastered the pose

To progress into Upward Facing Dog, tuck in your toes to roll over your feet as you come forward. Don’t let your thighs touch the floor. Make sure that you keep your legs tense and off the floor, but you will also pres into the floor with the tops of your feet and with your palms. Make sure your shoulders remain over the wrists, and drop your hips. Beginners might find it easier to transition by dropping their thighs to the floor, flipping their feet over one at a time, then raising their legs again to move into Upward Facing Dog.

These are just beginning yoga poses will require you to concentration if you would like to master it. You will also find that these are difficult for a person to master. You will want to get it a good go at learning how to do yoga. You will find that there are many difficulties that you will have with Vinyasa yoga.

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Vinyasa Yoga }

US voters go to the polls

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Republican John McCain has conceded the election to Democrat Barack Obama. After two years of campaigning, today United States citizens went to the polls to vote for the Presidency and for numerous Senate, House, state and local races across the country. The District of Columbia and at least 32 states had early voting before election day. By October 31, over 23 million people had voted by mail or at early voting locations. Of the approximately 6 million people of known party affiliation who voted early, 58% were Democrats and 42% were Republicans.

Record numbers of voters were expected to the polls on election day. There were reports of technical problems and long lines across the country. Heavy turnouts were reported in Indiana, Ohio, and Wyoming, among other states.

By 11:45 A.M. EST Obama is projected to have won 349 electoral votes to McCain’s 163 votes. The popular vote at this time was 62,992,553 (52%) for Obama, 55,796,823 (46%) for McCain.

Women’s March becomes largest protest in U.S. history

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

On Saturday, by estimates, over 500,000 women and other protesters — twice the figure expected by organizers — marched through Washington D.C. to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the United States. They were accompanied by hundreds of thousands of others in hundreds of sister marches in cities across the United States and on all seven continents, including Antarctica.

Though different publications are providing different figures, The Independent reports that between 3.3 and 4.6 million people walked and carried signs, 750,000 in Los Angeles, 575,000 in Washington D.C., 450,000 in New York, 250,000 in Chicago and many smaller figures in other cities, making this the largest protest in American history. In contrast to the protests on the day of the inauguration, not one marcher was reported arrested in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, New York, Chicago or Seattle.

At the march, women, men and children chanted slogans like “This is what democracy looks like!” and “Women’s rights are human rights!” and carried signs evoking images from Rosie the Riveter to Princess Leia or referenced things that Trump had said during his campaign, as in “Fury coming out my wherever” and “Hands too small can’t build a wall.” Though celebrities such as feminist Gloria Steinem and singer Alicia Keys gave speeches, only a fraction of the demonstrators were close enough to hear them.

The idea for a women’s protest to the election of Donald Trump is credited to two people, retired attorney Teresa Shook of Hawaii and fashion designer Bob Bland of Brooklyn. Both women posted their ideas online, gaining many followers before the movement finally merged.

The march’s mission statement reads, in part, “The Women’s March on Washington will send a bold message to our new government on their first day in office, and to the world that women’s rights are human rights. We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us.”

Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune called the march a response to the “presidential inauguration of a man who has breezily, relentlessly disrespected women and who is set to oversee changes in our laws that go beyond disrespect.” Senior counselor at the Albright Stonebridge Group and former U.S. undersecretary of state for political affairs Wendy R. Sherman wrote in USA Today, “For me, the agenda is clear. It is solidarity. It is saying to the new administration that misogyny cannot rule. Whether reproductive rights, equal pay for equal work, an end to sexual violence, women in combat or the importance of girls’ education worldwide, we are here; we will not relent; we will not give up.”

The march did focus on traditional women’s issues such as reproductive rights but also addressed issues such as gun control and the environment from a female perspective. “Gun violence is a women’s issue,” attendee Amy Schumer posted online, “American women are 16 times more likely to be killed with a gun than in other high-income countries. In an average month, 50 women are shot to death by a current or former partner in the United States. Approximately 4.5 million American women have been threatened with guns, and guns are the weapon of choice in domestic murders.” “A healthy environment is a basic right for all of us,” stated Natural Resources Defense Council President Rhea Suh.

The event organizers’ stated principles included “open access to safe, legal, affordable abortion and birth control for all people, regardless of income, location or education” and Planned Parenthood was the march’s single biggest sponsor.

“I think it’s important that a pro-life feminist voice is there. I am not going to protest,” antiabortion activist Abby Johnson told the Washington Post. “I am going to join in solidarity[…] and to be honest, abortion is not the only issue I’m concerned about. I’m concerned about the pay gap. I’m concerned about the lack of women in the political arena. There are a lot of things that are important to me.”

The following day, President Trump responded, via separate tweets, “Why didn’t these people vote?” and “Peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy. Even if I don’t always agree, I recognize the rights of people to express their views.”

Reports of at least fourteen dead this week due to gun-related suicides in the United States

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 Correction — February 6, 2013 This article does not conform to our neutrality policy, due to its manner of presentation of an out-of-context selection of facts. The lapse appears to have been unintentional by all parties involved. We apologize for the error. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A number of suicides as a result of self-inflicted gunshot wounds took place around the United States this week with reports of deaths in Arizona, California, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Ohio, South Carolina and Washington.

Last Saturday in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, Assistant U.S. Attorney Alston Badger died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was 51 years old.

On Monday in Clark County, Nevada, Jody Sherman, the Ecomom founder and CEO, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Another suicide occurred Monday in New Jersey. Chester and Rosaria Andraka died after Chester allegedly shot Rosaria before killing himself. Chester was a former police officer and there were few signs of trouble in the relationship prior to their deaths.

Another murder-suicide shooting took place on Monday. This one occurred in Elmont, New York, where 58-year-old Audley Dennis is believed to have shot his 46-year-old wife, Karen Rodgers-Dennis, before he shot himself. The couple allegedly had a history of fighting, with a family friend telling the New York Post, “They had their altercations. They would argue and yell, have outbursts.”

In Greensburg, Indiana on Tuesday, local police Lieutenant Larry G. Dance committed suicide, dying from a self-inflicted gunshot. He had joined the police force on January 1, 1995. He left behind by a wife and two daughters.

On Tuesday in Waldorf, Maryland, local police reported an attempted murder-suicide with sixty-four year old Linda Lindsey believed to have shot her husband before fatally shooting herself. Her husband was reported to have survived and be in critical condition.

Devin Peterson, a twenty-two year old, allegedly committed suicide with a state trooper’s shotgun following his alleged theft of a police cruiser, another car and a police chase on Interstate 80 in Nevada on Wednesday.

A seventy-year-old man from Renton, Washington died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound on Wednesday shortly after he called 911 to tell the dispatcher he was planning to take his own life.

On Wednesday, three people died in a murder-suicide in Oxnard, California that involved at least one gun. The deceased included two women and the suspected male shooter.

On Thursday, Lee Vining Fire Chief Tom Strazdims reported an Oregon man likely commited suicide by shooting himself in the parking lot of the town’s visitor center.

Also on Thursday, the body of a suspected gunman accused of killing a call center CEO and injuring a lawyer was found dead of a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound in Mesa, Arizona. Police had been searching for the man since Wednesday following the shooting at a mediation session over a lawsuit.

In another reported suicide on Thursday, this one in the Baltimore area, a man was found dead in the parking lot of the Timonium gun range of a self-inflicted gun shot wound.

In Radcliff, Kentucky on Thursday, alleged burglar Michael Strand exchanged gunfire with police after they attempted to bring him in for questioning. Following a lull of approximately an hour, police entered the apartment and found the man dead from an alleged self-inflicted gunshot wound.

In Medina, Ohio on Thursday, United States Marine Andrew Baumgartner, who served in Afghanistan and had been discharged several months ago, got into an altercation with Sgt. Scott Schmoll after Schmoll felt a gun on Baumgartner’s person. Following this, Baumgartner hid in nearby woodlands, emerged to knock on the door of a local home to tell the resident he had been hit by a car, only to disappear into the woods again. He subsequently died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police discovered his body alongside items they believed he had stolen.

The problem of suicide by self-inflicted gunshot wound is recognized by some gun groups. The Royal Oak shooting range in Michigan stopped renting guns this week following after twelve people having attempted to kill themselves with guns rented from the range since 2001 (five of them were successful). Three of the incidents occurred in the past four months, with two of them fatal.

These suicides take place against a backdrop of gun control discussion in the United States Congress, where former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and an NRA spokesperson appeared before the body this week to discuss the possible need for stricter gun control laws.

According to the Maine Center of Disease Control and Prevention, guns are used in 85% of male suicides in the state. Debate has continued this week in the state about gun control as it relates to suicide. Iran’s PressTV published an opinion piece claiming that for every gun owner who uses their weapon in their home for self-defense, there are eleven suicide attempts involving a weapon. In the United States, veterans are more likely to use guns in acts of suicide than acts of homicide. The number of daily suicides by veterans is currently 22.

Guns are often used in suicide attempts, with PolitiFact reporting on Wednesday that there were 4,643 non-fatal gun involved suicide attempts in 2010. This number contradicts testimony by Wayne LaPierre of NRA to the United States Congress regarding unintentional deaths cause by firearms as LaPierre cited 600 deaths. Australia instituted tougher gun control regulations in 1996, including gun buy back programs. According to a study by Andrew Leigh of Australian National University and Christine Neill of Wilfrid Laurier University, these programs correlate to an 80% drop in suicides involving guns at a time when other methods of suicide remained consistent.

Similar research done in the United States has similar results. A 1991 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found stricter gun control in the District of Columbia was a likely cause of a reduction in the number of suicides by gun shot in D.C. compared to surrounding areas.

Be Imaginative}

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Be Imaginative


Jeff Berney

What’s the easiest way to kill a great ad campaign before it even begins? Take it too seriously. Advertising is not rocket science. You shouldn’t need a degree in the physical sciences to create or understand an ad.

And you should never, ever, under any circumstances, kill an ad because it is not literal enough. On the contrary, if you find your ads are too literal, you should destroy them all and start fresh.

Are Volkswagens flawed pieces of junk? No, but an ad with the headline Lemon” gets your attention, doesn’t it? It makes you want to read the story, which goes on to explain how the particular car shown in the ad would never be driven because VW cares so much it weeds out the lemons so you never get a bad car. Think what an opportunity would have been missed if the folks at Volkswagen had taken that headline too literally.

Think about it from this angle. Why do people read an ad or watch a commercial? The majority do so because they find them entertaining and informative. If your ads are all information and no entertainment, you’ve wasted your budget.

This is not to say that an ad should be created purely for entertainment purposes. Again, a great ad is both entertaining and informative. The entertainment value should be derived from a feature of your product or brand. In other words, what you’re selling should be the star of the show. Sounds simple enough, but it is often hard to strike the right balance. That’s what makes advertising so fun.

How much information does your audience really need? What kind of story will they find entertaining? These are questions that should be asked and answered early on so that when you finally are presented with an ad or a campaign, you can judge the work according to these preordained guidelines.

A good campaign will reach your target audience and talk to them on a personal level. This has a valuable effect on your sales and reputation. A great advertising campaign will do more than that. It will create a buzz outside of your target audience.

Apple Computer’s 1984″ commercial ran only once. But it is still one of the most talked about commercials because it was rebroadcast on every major news show and written about in every major newspaper for weeks and months. And none of this cost Apple anything more than a single TV buy.

It’s worth noting that Apple’s Super Bowl commercial helped make the company a household name and created unbelievable demand for the new Macintosh computer-yet the ad never showed the product or explained any details about it.

BMW’s Mini Cooper was one of the first cars to be introduced in the United States with no TV advertising. Blasphemy! Instead, they bolted the Minis to the roofs of SUVs and drove them around major cities. They created tongue-in-cheek billboards, interactive print ads and great guerrilla promotions. Most importantly, they created a waiting list of customers who couldn’t wait to get a Mini.

Companies that think bigger become bigger. It’s a self-fulfilling cycle. If you just think like a local operation, you might miss the opportunity to expand regionally, nationally, or even internationally. Your advertising campaign should reflect the direction of your companyeven if you’re not yet there.

Challenge yourself and your agency to think bigger.

This article introduced the third of twelve steps. Challenge yourself, your staff and your advertising agency to revolutionize your ad program. If you missed a previous step, contact the author for a complimentary copy. And, remember, every revolution begins with just one step.

Jeff Berney is a freelance idealist, brand evangelist and writer. He can be reached at


After more than a decade in the business, Jeff Berney offers more than a passion for prose. Above all, he is a strategic thinker, an idealist, a brand evangelist. The articles posted here are from his collection entitled, “Twelve Steps to Creating Breakthrough Advertising Campaigns: A creative philosophy to help companies recover from years of playing it safe.” You can view his work or read his blog at

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Slovak escapes from avalanche using urine

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Monday, January 31, 2005

Tatra Mountains –A Slovakian man who was trapped in his car under an avalanche, has escaped by urinating on ice to melt it. The man—who had 60 half-litre bottles of beer with him in the car—literally drank his way to safety.

“I was scooping the snow from above me and packing it down below the window, and then I peed on it to melt it,” he said.

Rescue workers found the man still drunk on a mountain path in Slovakia’s Tatra Mountains four days after his Audi car was buried.

“It was hard and now my kidneys and liver hurt. But I’m glad the beer I took on holiday turned out to be useful and I managed to get out of there,” he said.

He first planned to shovel the ice from outside his window, directly into his car, but soon realised that he would run out of room in his car before he would be able to reach the top.

Snowfalls of levels not seen since 1941 have fallen over parts of Europe over the past week. Some places have registered more than 3 meters of snow in 24 hours.